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So, after some time spent in front of a computer screen, you ve decided to move your relationship with a Russian girl into a real world. Ask her where would she prefer to meet you first. You can offer to come to Russia, Ukraine or Belarus which is not as simple as it might seem. The tickets, visa, renting an apartment or booking a hotel can all possibly prove not quite straightforward unless you get help from your Russian friend. Having said this visas are becoming increasingly easy to get for Ukraine! Visiting her country is certainly an opportunity to get to know and understand your Russian girl better, in her own surrounding. Just make sure you understand each other quite well before you move forward with your date.

I ve witnessed myself in Kiev a couple, the guy was an American and she was from Ukraine. They were obviously on their first date. They barely could communicate without help of a phrase book which wasn t easy and both didn t feel comfortable at all. I m not sure their relationship will go a long way. Another option of where to meet for the first time is a holiday resort. And believe me buying two tickets to a resort is sometimes is cheaper than coming to Russia.

Russian woman are very romantic, so it will really impress her if you will open the door of a car for her every time when she gets in or out. Take her coat, move her chair in a restaurant, don t allow her carry anything except her handbag. Make it look easy and natural. She ll think you are awesome!
Try learning a few Russian words, doesn t matter if u don t pronounce it well, she will appreciate an effort, and your imperfect attempts can bring a smile on her face.

Russian girls like and know how to dress up well. So, you can expect her turning up for sightseeing wearing high heels. Try to avoid wearing shorts and flip flops in town even if it s quite warm, at least go for a longer version.

Don t try to split the bill in a restaurant, there is no strong tradition of Russian woman paying if she was asked out. She can pay her half or even offer to pay herself but there is a good chance that it s the last time you see her.

Don t rush things on a first date, you can casually kiss her hand as you are saying good bye, she ll be more interested and intrigued by an old-fashioned gentleman side of you.

27 Dec 2012

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