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If you want to attract the right type of people when you join online dating websites then you need to put your best foot forward, just like in the real world, only this time, you need to do it with your profile and you only have a few minutes to impress your candidates with it since there are so many other members that are waiting to be searched.

Photos can make a lasting impression

If you only have a few seconds to make a searcher read through your profile then you need to create a visually stunning profile picture. It s the first thing that people will see so you have to make those few seconds count. You need to hold their attention for as long as possible and create enough curiosity to make them browse your profile.

A good profile picture doesn t have to be something posed or taken from a studio, although for sure that helps because the lighting can bring out your physical strengths. But there are already a number of people using the same style so you need to be different. You can show yourself off while doing activities that are close to your heart. It can immediately send out a message that this is what you love to do and people who share the same interests can easily connect with you without having to read through your profile.

Not everyone is looking for a good-looking guy and what someone s idea of beauty may be different from the next person s. So, don t put yourself down with your picture because there may just be someone out there looking for someone like you.

Create a profile that s simple, readable, but interesting

Most online dating websites require you to provide a bit of information about yourself. This is the perfect way to describe who you are in a manner and tone that s meant to pique the curiosity of the reader. Provide just enough information about your hobbies and interests, glance over a few of your successes and accomplishments in life but never appear to be boastful or arrogant about them. Take the time to write about the type of person you re looking for and what they can expect to get from you.

Honesty is important when you re talking about yourself. You can t pass off someone else s accomplishments as your own because you ll only be fooling yourself and if you do find someone that s perfect for you, you risk losing her because you started out the relationship with a lie. Things don t end up in happily ever after like in the movies.

Boasting about all your financial wealth will also only attract the wrong type of candidates. Generally, people who become members in online dating websites are only looking for companionship to begin with but if you inundate your profile with a lot of information about your so-called wealth then you re setting yourself up for a fall. Some people aren t really looking for partners who flaunt their wealth.

12 Dec 2012

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